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jín guǎn ..., dàn shì ...
phr. although..., but...
Discussion of ...,.../...,...
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The meaning of this structure is equivalent to that of 虽然…,但是…。They are used in the same ways. 尽管 has a stronger tone than 虽然.
In this structure, 但是 is often used alone in the main clause if we do not particularly emphasise on the adversation.
E.g.1 他尽管不太聪明,但是学习很努力。 [phr] Although he is not that smart, he studies very hard.
If we put the main clause first, then the subordinate, we can only use 尽管 in the subordinate clause. 但是 cancer be used at the same time in the main clause. For example:
E.g.2 他学习非常努力,尽管他不聪明。[phr]He studies really hard, although he is not very smart.
In E.g.2, we cannot say “*但是他学习非常努力,尽管他不聪明。”
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