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tuī chí
v. to postpone, to put off
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How do I use 推迟(tuīchí) in a sentence?
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Are there any other words that have a similar meaning to 推迟(tuīchí)?
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Let's explore the differences between the Chinese words 耽误 (dānwù), 延后 (yánhòu), 推迟 (tuīchí), and 拖延 (tuōyán):

1. 耽误 (dān wù):
- Meaning: This verb is used to indicate a delay or postponement caused by a specific circumstance or factor. It could be entirely objective factor (out of one's control) or deliberately done (within one's control).
- Usage: It implies that something was held up or delayed due to some external or unforeseen situation.
- Example: "因为交通堵塞耽误了开会" (Yīnwèi jiāotōng dǔsè, dānwù le kāihuì) - "Due to traffic congestion, the meeting was delayed."

2. 延后 (yán hòu):
- Meaning: This verb is straightforward and means "to postpone" or "to defer."
- Usage: It is used when an action or event is intentionally moved to a later time or date.
- Example: "由于天气不佳,比赛被延后到明天" (Yóuyú tiānqì bù jiā, bǐsài bèi yánhòu dào míngtiān) - "Due to bad weather, the competition has been postponed to tomorrow."

3. 推迟 (tuīchí):
- Meaning: This verb is similar to "延后" and also means "to postpone" or "to delay."
- Usage: It can be used interchangeably with "延后" and is often used in formal contexts.
- Example: "由于技术问题,发布会被推迟了一个星期" (Yóuyú jìshù wèntí, fābù huì bèi tuīchí le yīgè xīngqī) - "Due to technical issues, the press conference has been postponed for a week."

4. 拖延 (tuōyán):
- Meaning: This verb specifically refers to procrastination or delaying tasks intentionally or habitually.
- Usage: It implies that someone is avoiding or postponing tasks they should be doing.
- Example: "他总是拖延做功课,所以常常要赶在最后一刻完成" (Tā zǒng shì tuōyán zuò gōngkè, suǒyǐ chángcháng yào gǎn zài zuìhòu yīkè wánchéng) - "He always procrastinates on his homework, so he often has to rush to finish it at the last minute."

In summary, while all of these words relate to the concept of delaying or postponing something, they have subtle differences in meaning and usage. Depending on the context, you can choose the word that best conveys the specific type of delay you want to express.
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