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lái lái huí huí
phr. back and forth for many times
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The verb reduplication basically indicates that the action lasts for a short period of time or is repeated for only a small number of times. Depending on the nature of the verb and the context, it may carry other senses.
For verbs that have two syllables AB, its reduplicated form is ABAB, e.g. The reduplicated forms of 学习 and 打扫 are 学习学习 and 打扫打扫.
But there are some verbs that can be reduplicated into AABB, e.g. 来回-来来回回、哆嗦-哆哆嗦嗦、摇晃-摇摇晃晃、吃喝-吃吃喝喝,etc. In this forms AABB, the verbs usually indicate a high volume or an action with high frequency.
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