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gǎi biàn
v. to transform, to alter; to change, to become different
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改变 vs 变:

1. The nouns that come after these two verbs:
改变 is followed by a noun made up of two syllables: 改变看法,改变方向,改变话题
变 can be followed by two syllables or one syllable: 变方向,变天,变脸
Note that we cannot say 改变天*,改变脸*.

2. Part of speech:
改变 is sometimes temporarily used as a noun: 有了很大的改变
变 is not used in this way.

3. Meanings:
改变 does not have these meanings below:
变 biàn [char] unexpected incident; changeable, changed; to sell off
变化 vs 改变:
These two words are synonyms and sometimes they can be used interchangeably. Their difference is their meanings and parts of speech:

1. 变化 is a verb or noun; 改变 is only a verb
2. Meanings:
- 变化 is all about emerging of a new situation or state.
- 改变 emphasizes on becoming different from before, from the original.
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