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guān yú
prep. about
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Both these two prepositions -- 关于 and 对于 -- may sometimes cause confusion to Chinese learners.
1. 关于 indicates a range or an aspect. 对于, on the other hand, points out the related target or object.
2. When used to lead the attributive modifier of the sentence, 关于 always appears before the subject of the sentence, while the position of 对于 can be either before or after the subject.
Example 1. 关于这次实践活动,你最好写个简单的总结吧。 [phr] About this practice you had better write a brief summary.
3. 关于 can be used in forming an attributive modifier.
Example 2. 史密斯教授关于语言学的讲座安排在后天。 [phr] Professor Smith's lecture about linguistics has been arranged for the day after tomorrow.
In Example 2 above, 关于语言学的 is the attributive of 讲座.
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