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cǎo shū
n. (Chinese calligraphy) cursive hand, cursive script
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Regarding the difference to 行书. 草书 is more illegible to read than 行书. We usually discuss 楷书,行书 and 草书 together. 楷书 is the easiest one to read, since it's written stroke by stroke, everything clear; 草书 is difficult to read, even for native Chinese. You need to have some basic knowledge of calligraphy, if you want to read and understand 草书 without any difficulties. Most people cannot read 草书 because they didn't study calligraphy systematically. At last, 行书, is somewhere between 楷书 and 草书. Some strokes in 行书 change their shapes, and/or are connected, but normal people with some education can still read it easily and will be able to understand the text.
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