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suí biàn
conj. no matter (what, when, etc.), anyhow
Discussion of 便/便
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随便 vs 随意

1. 随意 is a verb and its meaning is neutral (not positive or negative). 随便 is can be a verb too but it is very informal and it's a separable verb.
For example, 随便 can be separated:
去不去随你的便!Whether you go or not, decide as you please!

2. 随便 can be an adjective and it can be duplicated as 随随便便. 随意 cannot be used in this way.

3. 随便 can be conjunction "no matter (what, how, ...)", used to connect two clauses in a complex sentence. For example, 随意 cannot be used in this sentence below:
随便别人怎么说,我都要和他在一起。 [phr] No matter what other people say, I want to be with him.
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