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hǎo xiàng
v./adv. it seems, look like; seemingly, as if
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According to HSK 4 Manual 好像 is also an adverb meaning "as if". e.g. 好像重新回到了校园
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似乎 vs 好像

1. 好像 can be a verb or an adverb, while 似乎 is only an adverb. For example, in this sentence below 好像 is a verb:
大树好像一把伞。[phr] The big tree is like an umbrella.
We cannot use 似乎 here.

2. When 似乎 and 好像 are both adverbs, they are interchangeable in most cases. 好像 is more casual, while 似乎 is used more often in formal language.
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