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xìn hào
n. signal
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How is 信号 (xìnhào) used in a sentence?
信号 (xìnhào) means "signal" in English. It can refer to a physical signal, such as a traffic light or a hand gesture, or a non-physical signal, such as a sign or a message.

Example 1: 这个地区的信号很差。(Zhège dìqū de xìnhào hěn chà.)Translation: The signal in this area is very poor.

Example 2: 我手机没有信号,无法接收短信。(Wǒ shǒujī méiyǒu xìnhào, wúfǎ jiēshòu duǎnxìn.) My cellphone has no signal, and cannot receive short messages.
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