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I started out adding a couple of hundred cards and now find it would be better to create a list of 20 cards,  drill through them until I know them and then add  another 20. Later I might want to add all my lists together to revise but then I still want to clear it and start on another 20 new words.

I tried doing this by adding 20 word lists to the top of my lists  but I still seem to have 150 words or more on my Android Tablet. I have tried blocking the words I added earlier but this prevents my new lists adding the words.

What I would like is to clear all words from my device,  load from my own lists imported into this site, and then clear that list so I can learn a new list.

Maybe I can already do this on your site but I can't see how.
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I found the filter so solved my problem. Great app guys - which is why I subscribed - but a little hard to find out the best way to work with it.
Answered 157 months ago by steerpike valid Edit
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Er...  I have the same issue. 

Where is the filter?
Answered 156 months ago by 汪瑞奇 valid Edit
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汪瑞奇 lautet:
I found the answer!

To activate, deactivate or filter your flashcards, go to My Page, then click on bookmarked lists in blue at the top left of the page.