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I just joined TrainChinese with a 10 list limit because I like the example sentences and also the Audio Training App and the simplicity of it all.

I am however wondering - are the apps under current development for new features?

They appear a little outdated/basic in some areas - eg:

1.Training Options for students who are not learning to read/write. Most of the training modes are not useful for me because I am learning conversational Chinese, I am not learning to read/write. So I need questions in Pinyin and not Hanzi/Characters. (eg: Training Mode for Pinyin instead of Training Mode for Characters)

2. Ability to import a list of words from a csv/text file (maybe this is there but i have not seen it?)

3. Ability to find all measure words in dictionary or etc - with tags or ? (again, maybe this is there?)

4. Having to click "update" button to update lists/cards (can't they do this themselves)

5. Better integration between Apps (I can click a link From Audio Trainer to Dictionary. But I cannot click a link from Dictionary to Audio trainer)

6. There does not appear to be a single place to review progress/statistics on learning outcomes in the app.

7. Minor styling settings: Since I am not learning Characters, i would love to be able to over-ride their font size to make them less significant.


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cg123 says:

Under further time and scrutiny i have found it does allow imports of some kind (although not CSV lists) and there is some form of report mechanism when viewed in browser. 

So to rephrase my initial post:

1. Is this app still being actively developed for Android (eg: addition of new features, this would give me further incentive to re-subscribe/upgrade my account)?

Future Requests

1. I am not learning to read/write Chinese, just learning to talk and need training questions in Pinyin and not Hanzi/Characters.Is there any chance of a Training Mode for Pinyin in the future?

2. Minor styling settings: To over-ride various font size styles, for instance i would love to reduce the size of all Character instances...

3. Automated list/card updates so the "update" button didn't have to keep getting pressed


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