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Asked 139 months ago by steerpike  
I have found with the new Android app many of my cards seem to refuse to sleep.  I thought before the upgrade, cards woke up and I had to run through all 4 modes several times before they went back to the server with a improvement in percent learned. Tedious but effective in learning.

Now I have about 70 cards that come back for training, with only one recognition of the hanzi required. A tick says 'the card will sleep for 20 days' and if I update cards straight after learning, they are gone, Try again to update the next day and the same cards appear to come back. I may be getting a random selection of cards ( about a quarter of my total) but they feel like the same cards in the same order, At any rate. I have trained this batch several times and the number to train does not change very much .

I could filter cards but I thought if I kept training, the sleeping would get longer and I could add more cards once I had mastered the early ones.

Is this a fault or have I misunderstood?
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klaus says:
We are sorry there is an error with the beta release #3 regarding the sleeping of cards:

After evaluating the result of a training of a card, the application would think a card should sleep even if it was not ready too and avoid showing the card again. After a synchronization the card would come back and learning could continue - but with the same result. This problem was  affecting cards which did sleep at least once (new cards would be treated correctly).

We corrected that fault yesterday and the current Beta version available for download on the trainchinese server does not show that error any more.
Very pleased - I was getting tired of working through the same cards. On the upside - I know them pretty well
Answered 139 months ago by steerpike
steerpike says:
Just loaded beta 5, all problems resolved. Give your developer a pat on the back for a job well done.