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Asked 129 months ago by nomis  

I like hte feature that allows me to scroll back or forward through the cards that I have trained in a session (swipe left and right), i have a couple suggestions that can make the experience even better:

1/  provide a scroll bar when a swipe is made. ie once the first swipe is made, a scroll bar can appear to make scrolling through a number of cards easier.

2/  allow the "Details" functionality to work, so a user can see the stroke order and other details of an aleady trained card.


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nomis says:

cont'd (I can't find an edit option to add more to the suggestions above):

3/  Add a search or compare feature.  I have a hard time with similar looking characters eg: 番茄 & 香菇 or 根 & 很。Seeing them side by side helps to identify the differences.  This would need to be in the training mode, or I'd need to be able to mark the cards to review separately after a training session somehow.


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