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char. to turn over, to reverse; to return, to counter; counter-revolutionary, reactionary; to generalize
Other meanings
[fǎn]   adv./adj./v. on the contrary, instead; opposite (in direction), upside down, reverse, inside out; to combat, to oppose; to rebel against
    right hand

Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese

Simplified stroke orders are based on the 'Standard of National Commonly-used Mandarin Chinese Characters (现代汉语通用字笔顺规范)', issued by the China National Language and Character Working Committee (国家语言文字工作委员会) on April 7th 1997. Traditional stroke orders are based on information issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
fǎn wèn
v. ask in reply, ask back
fǎn gōng
v. counterattack
fǎn bài wéi shèng
phr. turn the defeat into victory
fǎn guāng
v. reflect light
yì rú fán zhǎng
phr. as easy as to turn one's hand
wù jí bì fǎn
phr. things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme
cè fǎn
v. to instigate (rebellion etc. within the enemy camp); to incite defection
jǔ yī fǎn sān
idiom. draw inferences about other cases from one instance
chū ér fán ěr
idiom. go back on one's word, contradict oneself in words and deeds
zhèn fǎn
v. to suppress the counter-revolutionaries