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n./adj./v. hair; feather; wool; mildew; careless; panicky; (dialect) to get angry
Other meanings
[máo]   char./m. little, fine; rough; gross; semi-finished; mao (fractional unit of Chinese Yuan, equal to 10 fen)
[máo]   radical. fur
Simplified stroke orders are based on the 'Standard of National Commonly-used Mandarin Chinese Characters (现代汉语通用字笔顺规范)', issued by the China National Language and Character Working Committee (国家语言文字工作委员会) on April 7th 1997. Traditional stroke orders are based on information issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
méi mao
n. eyebrow
yáng máo
n. sheep wool
chún máo
n. pure wool
tǐ máo
n. body hair
jī máo
n. chicken feather
máo fà
n. hair
fā máo
v. be scared, be upset
bái máo nǚ
n. white-haired lady
máo shǒu máo jiǎo
idiom. do things recklessly, be brash and clumsy
rě máo
v. (oral) be getting on sb.'s nerves, piss sb. off, make sb. angry
diào máo
phr. (of dogs, cats, etc.) shed hair, to moult; (of birds) to shed feathers; (of toothbrush, carpet, etc.) to lose bristles, to shed woolen threads