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pro./adv. (lit.) nobody, nothing; do not; not; (indicating guess or rhetorical question)
    (only for traditional) grass (for )
    (lit) grass (for )

Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese

Simplified stroke orders are based on the 'Standard of National Commonly-used Mandarin Chinese Characters (现代汉语通用字笔顺规范)', issued by the China National Language and Character Working Committee (国家语言文字工作委员会) on April 7th 1997. Traditional stroke orders are based on information issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
mò míng qí miào
idiom. unintelligible, feel confused
tā jīn tiān méi yǒu lái shàng kè , mò fēi shēng bìng le ?
phr. He didn't come to school today, could he be ill?
mò shēng qì
phr. don't get angry
mò bù
phr. there's no one who doesn't or isn't
ài mò néng zhù
phr. willing to help but unable to do so
yì chóu mò zhǎn
idiom. can find no way out, be at one's wits' end
bǎi huì mò biàn
idiom. A hundred mouths can't explain it away.
mò shǐ jīn zūn kōng duì yuè
phr. (ancient poem) Not to the moon just your empty cup ply. ("Drink Wine", by Li Bai, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty)
qiāng jìn jiǔ bēi mò tíng
phr. (from a Chinese poem Drink Wine written by Li Bai, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty) Don’t put down cups; Do drink the wine.