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n. (TCM) vessel, pulse
Other meanings
[mài]   char. pulse; arteries and veins; vein of leaves, etc.; sth linking up to form a network
[mò]   char. affectionate, amorous, loving
    moon (for )
    meat (for )

Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese

Simplified stroke orders are based on the 'Standard of National Commonly-used Mandarin Chinese Characters (现代汉语通用字笔顺规范)', issued by the China National Language and Character Working Committee (国家语言文字工作委员会) on April 7th 1997. Traditional stroke orders are based on information issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
chì mài
n. (TCM) Acupoint of Chimai (SJ18), Rushing Blood
jí mài
n. (TCM) Acupoint of Jimai (LIV12), Rapid Pulse
dài mài
n. (TCM) Acupoint of Daimai (GB26), Girdle Vessel
shēn mài
n. (TCM) Acupoint of Shenmai (UB62), Extending Vessel
jīng mài
n. (TCM) meridian vessel
dū mài
n. (TCM) governor vessel (GV)
rèn mài
n. (TCM) conception vessel (CV)
chōng mài
n. (TCM) thoroughfare vessel
dài mài
n. (TCM) belt vessel
luò mài
n. (TCM) collateral vessel
mài zhěn
n. (TCM) pulse diagnosis
qiè mài
n. (TCM) take the pulse
mài xiàng
n. (TCM) pulse condition
píng mài
n. (TCM) normal pulse
bìng mài
n. (TCM) morbid pulse
mài qì
n. (TCM) vessel qi
mài jìng
n. (TCM) tranquil pulse
mài zào
n. (TCM) agitated pulse
fú mài
n. (TCM) floating pulse
chén mài
n. (TCM) sunken pulse
chí mài
n. (TCM) slow pulse
shuò mài
n. (TCM) rapid pulse
hóng mài
n. (TCM) surging pulse
xì mài
n. (TCM) fine pulse
xū mài
n. (TCM) vacuous pulse
shí mài
n. (TCM) replete pulse
cháng mài
n. (TCM) long pulse
duǎn mài
n. (TCM) short pulse
huá mài
n. (TCM) slippery pulse
sè mài
n. (TCM) rough pulse
xián mài
n. (TCM) string-like pulse
jǐn mài
n. (TCM) tight pulse
rú mài
n. (TCM) soggy pulse
huǎn mài
n. (TCM) moderate pulse; (TCM) relaxed pulse
wēi mài
n. (TCM) faint pulse
ruò mài
n. (TCM) weak pulse
sǎn mài
n. (TCM) dissipated pulse
kōu mài
n. (TCM) hollow pulse
gé mài
n. (TCM) drumskin pulse
láo mài
n. (TCM) firm pulse
fú mài
n. (TCM) hidden pulse
dòng mài
n. (TCM) stirred pulse
dài mài
n. (TCM) intermittent pulse
jié mài
n. (TCM) bound pulse
cù mài
n. (TCM) skipping pulse
dà mài
n. (TCM) large pulse
ruǎn mài
n. (TCM) soft pulse
jí mài
n. (TCM) racing pulse
guài mài
n. (TCM) strange pulse
mài jīng
n. (TCM) Maijing (Pulse Classic)