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lù bù shí yí
idiom. no one picks up lost articles in the street, (fig.) honesty prevails throughout the society
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How can this be used in a sentence?
路不拾遗 is often paired up with this one below:
夜不闭户 / 夜不閉戶 [ye4 bu4 bi4 hu4] , (idiom) nobody locks up the door at night (describing a safe and stable society)

We've added two examples for 路不拾遗:
我们村是“路不拾遗、夜不闭户”的文明村。 [phr] Our village is a civilized village where nobody picks up lost articles in the street and locks up their door at night.
他是一位好市长,把整个城市治理得路不拾遗。 [phr] He is a good mayor, under whose leadership honesty prevails throughout the whole city.
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