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num. two
Discussion of 二
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There two ways of reading the number "2" in Chinese: 二 (er4) and 两 (liang3), and they are used in different ways:
When we indicate a serial number, an ordinal number or a set of numbers (such as a phone number or a room number), we use 二 (er4). Examples: 二(two),十二(twelve),第二个(the second one), 五零二号房间 (Room 502),etc. In fractions, "2" is also read 二, e.g. 三分之二 (two thirds).

Generally speaking, we have to use 两 (liang3)before measure words, as well as some nouns which can be used as measure words. For more information, please read our notes on 两 (liang3).
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Remember to use 两 liang in the case the number starts with "two"
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