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prep./v. (be done) by; via; from; by means of; due to; to obey, to follow; (lit.) to abide by
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When 由 is used as a preposition meaning "(be done) by", it is not used in the same way as 被. 由 put on an emphasis on the responsible party of the action or event. For example:
Example 1. 这项重大工程由他负责,我放心。 [phr] I felt relieved that he was responsible for this important project.
Example 2. 这次的事故是由他酒后开车所致。 [phr] This accident is caused by his drunk-driving.
Example 3. 这家公司由他经营 [phr] this company is operated by him

In the three sentences above, we cannot use 被 to replace 由.
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