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par. (used at the end of a declarative sentence) indicating the continuation of an action or situation; marker of a declarative sentence
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1. 呢 can be used at the end of a statement to show that an action or a state is in progress or continuation.
Example 1. 他们在吃饭呢。 [phr] They are having their meals.
2. 呢 can used when explaining the reasons for someone’s hesitation.
Example 2. 我还没决定去不去爬山:去呢,天气不太好;不去呢,又觉得呆在家里没什么意思。 [phr] I haven't decided whether to go climb the mountain. If I decide to go, the weather is not that nice; If I don't go, I feel that staying at home is boring.

* Please note that 呢 can also be used to indicate interrogation. You may check out the other entry of 呢 in our dictionary.
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Another example

Phr. It's raining in Beijing. How about Shanghai?
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