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xiāng guā
n. muskmelon
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How is 香瓜 used in a sentence?
香瓜 (xiāng guā) refers to a type of muskmelon, also known as cantaloupe. It is a popular fruit in China, known for its sweet and fragrant taste.

Example 1: 我今天买了一个香瓜,准备做成水果沙拉。(Wǒ jīntiān mǎi le yī gè xiāng guā, zhǔnbèi zuò chéng shuǐguǒ shālā.)

Translation: I bought a muskmelon today and plan to make it into a fruit salad.

Example 2: 香瓜是夏季最受欢迎的水果之一。(Xiāng guā shì xiàjì zuì shòu huānyíng de shuǐguǒ zhī yī.)

Translation: Muskmelon is one of the most popular fruits in summer.
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