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yú shì
conj. so, hence, then, as a result, subsequently
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于是 is a conjunction meaning “so, hence, then”. It seems that it has the same meaning as 所以 and 因此, but in fact this is not the case.

1. 于是 indicates that one event or action happens right after another event or action. It connects the cause and the effect. For example:
E.g. 早上醒来的时候我觉得有点不舒服,于是就去了医院。 [phr] I was not feeling very well after waking up and so I went to hospital.
E.g. 我有事想问他,于是给他打了电话。 [phr] I have something to ask him, so I called him.

2. 因此 and 所以 are both used to explain a reason (these two have differences too, check out their notes).
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