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I subsribed last week and am trying to add cards to my personal lists. But its not working.

Not even to the existing standard list My first words.......

I just managed by coincidence I suppose out twenty times trying I was lucky once......

I've tried mozilla and Internet explorer...

Please help me its affecting my study..



Hi Oda

As far as I can see it may be that you already managed to add cards. Just in case:

Use the dictionary and search for what you need, then tap on the result that you would like to add as a card. This will show you the word details and includes a button called 'Add Card' or in some other cases 'Learn this word'. If you click on it you will be shown your private vocab lists, so that you can select one of those lists. You can now select one or several lists, and then press 'done' or 'submit' (if you are using the website).

Another way of selecting words, is by opening one vocab list, and then either copying the entire list into one of your own lists or by selecting words from that original list (could be several or just one) and then select 'Add cards'. Again you will be prompted with the possible destination lists of yours, selct the right one and 'Done'.
Answered 96 months ago by klaus
Thats exactly what i tried and what wasnt working....
Answered 96 months ago by odaw
klaus says:
Can you please explain what is not working? Do you get any messages? If necessary you could send us a screenshot to cs(at)

Hello. I have the same problem. I'm using Russian version of the web-site. The same issue with English version too.

The problem occurs when I try to add a bunch of words selected in some of the prepared lists to my new list - I press the button "Check all" at the top of the list and then "Add selected words to a list" at the bottom. This action reveals a window "Select one list or more". When I select the list where I wish to save those words and press "Submit", nothing happens: no messages or defaults, just nothing.

However, when I try to add some word through the dictionary (word details), it works correctly showing me "The data was saved. Please reload page".

I've tested many times again to add through the prepared list: so I noticed that the problem occurs on those situations where I tried to add more than 4 words together (5 or more been selected before I press "Add selected words to a list"). If I add 4 or less, it works.

Add selected words to a list
Answered 96 months ago by DobroBeam
klaus says:
That was a very good explanation - we could find the error and solved it. Now the adding of several cards will work well.
Thank you very much!