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Asked 72 months ago by nelano  

My list of words created on my iPad does not synchronize on my iPhone. Once the account details are synchronized the content should synchronize as well, shouldn't it?

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The synchronization on devices needs to be done manually.
If you are using only one device, each time you "Update Cards" by pressing the top right button in the app, the synchronization with the trainchinese server takes place (including all vocabulary and status of training for each word).
If you have several devices. Please "update cards" first on the device where changes were made (so that those changes are also available on our server). once you have done that the other device can get the changes then "update Cards" on that device.
Answered 72 months ago by klaus
I got the same problem. After trying a few times, I find that some got updated and some are not

Finally, this is what you need to do to get sync with other devices.  Make sure you press sync at the dictionary page. If you press sync at training page, it will not get updated.
Answered 71 months ago by wsdusa