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Asked 84 months ago by meleze  
Hi Klaus
A question more from Meleze. You give us the way of downloading the content ;"You just need to send the downloaded file as an attachment to an iPhone or iPad and then open it there to play the characters of this list on the Chinese Writer." I tried but the computer ask for the application he need do do that and I don't know what to answer. I tried with open office: it works, but open office doesn'nt keep the words of the list in order with their translation and will not be accepted by my phone. Could you detail better the process?
The instructions are relevant for the Chinese Writer - that app is either available on Android devices or on iOS (iPhone/iPad). On those devices once you receive the email with the attachment then you can typically tap on the attachment in the email and that will open the Writer app.

To  send the file as an attachment, just write an email and then select to attache the file which was generated on the website.

If you need to get all your vocabulary to be used in word. Then you can do so. Just select the vocab list, and then choose the words and under more.. you will see a button to export the selected words. (This Functionality is only available to paying users)
Answered 75 months ago by klaus