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Asked 72 months ago by trubochist  valid Edit

When I want to reorganize my card lists on the site, there is often a long lag before the changes are registered. I will delete all cards from a list, but when I go back they're still there. I move cards from one list to another, and they're not there. Sometimes I go to an individual card in a list, which should no longer be there, I click the list button, and it says the card is not in the list... but there it is! If I wait awhile, and by "awhile" I mean a few hours, not minutes, the changes are usually registered. But this is highly inefficient and frustrating. What is the reason for this, and can it be avoided.

I have to say, you're app is by far the best I've used for learning Chinese characters, but the site works really terribly!!!

Any plans for an upgrade of the site?

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