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Hello there,

I am interested in subscribing to this application, however I am a bit confused on what I get with a base subscription without purchasing additional lists. Do I still get access to the lists marked with the logo if I do not buy additional lists? And also, are the lists that we create as users limited as well without purchasing additional ones? 

I am mainly interested in removing the limit on the number of flashcards that I can have, and am not necessarily in need of pre-compiled lists. However, I am still interested to know which lists that I will have access to without purchasing additional ones.

Thank you for your time! Very looking forward to trying your app!

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谈谈 lautet:

Just to clarify, it appears to me as though even if I buy a subscription I will have a limit on the number of lists that I create. Thus, if I buy a subscription without buying additional lists, even though I will not have a weekly word limit, I will still be limited to 300 words (100 per list x 3 free lists provided). Does that mean if I wait 20 weeks, I will have the same number of words available to me without purchasing a subscription?


Hi, the subscription includes two things to consider:

A)  subscription time (that is how long you would be able to use all of our apps in full mode and also how long you can add words to your own vocab lists if you decide to buy such lists (see B).

B) a defined number of vocab lists that you can fill up with your own vocab. In case the subscription mentioned in A ends you still can train all those words (and lists) on the trainchinese app - as said even without subscription!

Answered 17 months ago by lisaC valid Edit
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lisaC lautet:

During the subscription time (independently of the number of lists you purchase) you can access all the [premium content (but without own lists you can not copy such content to learn yourself!).