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I just want to be able to see all my lists in flashcard form where it shows me on one side the english definitions and on the other side the pinyin and chinese characters. Also it would be great if I can mark the ones I did and didn't know. Currently I'm using the "honesty mode" but that gives me a whole bunch of question types and I only want the flashcard kind.


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Please consider the following:
As the Chinese language requires to learn to \"read\" characters which are not directly linked to a specific pronunciation \"normal\" flashcards will not suffice. That is the reason why our system differentiates between different learning modes:
- Translating (from English to Chinese)
- Reading Chinese characters.
- Recognizing the spoken audio (to enhance the listening skills)
- Dictation (Where you would need to write the characters).
As not every user is interested in learning all the user can set his default learning mode. For example if you are not interested to learn to read or write, then just keep the Translation and Recognition modes on.

To answer your question now:
If you want to use our system in the most simple way: just select the Translation mode as the only training mode. Then the cards will show up with the English text and will ask you if you know the translation.

Please be aware that with the audio functions and the writing possibilities our application offers much more powerful possibilities to let you work on your vocabulary:
Each mode of a card is stored separately,. You can think of each card to be subdivided into up to 4 cards. That is you can consider that to train one word you would study up to 4 flashcards (one with the translation in the front, one with the Chinese in the front another with the audio \"in the front\" and finally one also with the audio but the request to write it).
Answered 130 months ago by klaus
Okay I fixed the settings. Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question!
Answered 130 months ago by Blooziespoo