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Asked 117 months ago by akadaemic  
Is it possible to add the Metro station names of Shanghai as flashcards?
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Hi there!
Thank you very much for your suggestion. It is definitely possible. We will get on that right away. It might take some time to finish adding all the station names. We will inform you here once we have completed the work.
We are always ready to improve our products. In the future, if you have more suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know again! Your help is always valued. Thank you!
Answered 117 months ago by lisaC
We have added the lists of Shanghai Metro stations. You may find the 3 lists under "Travel Map of China/Specific" in 24 hours.
If you have other suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know again! Thank you.
Answered 116 months ago by lisaC
Thank you very much for considering my suggestion, I really appreciate the effort.
If it is any help, I already found a bilingual list of all stations. I didn\'t verify the completeness though.

Kind regards
Answered 117 months ago by akadaemic
I can see the lists on the website, but not on my phone and tablet.
How can I refresh the lists in my android app?
Why are there three?

Best regards
Answered 116 months ago by akadaemic
klaus says:
The lists are available on the server and will be included automatically into the provided lists for the apps with the next update.
If you like to use the words from the list, you can use the website to add those words to any of your vocabulary lists and then "Update Cards" that will transfer them to your Android/iOS app and you can then train or use the words there.

The number of lists is related to the number of stations (maximum size per list is 100 words phrases)
akadaemic says:
Thank you for the explanation and for providing a work-around