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OK.  I've figured out to go to System Preferences>Security&Privacy>General and say ok to TrainChinese.  (See my previous question)

The new desktop program is great.  I like the toggle switch between training and dictionary.

However, I can only make the program work if I am using Train all.  When I try to use individual lists to train, the program says there are no untrained cards - even when this is not true.  Please help.  

I am using Mac OS 10.9

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Think it should work fine
1) Select To train with selected
Then 2 open a folder, select a list (for example Children's Books)

Then tick the lists you like to train (on the right it states the number of cards):

And now select if you like multiple choice, or honest. I just selected multiple choice and the app allowed to train those lists.

Please let me know if you see something different on your PC!
Answered 113 months ago by klaus
Ericjoel says:
I did exactly as you outlined. I get a message that there are no unlearned cards when in fact there are unlearned cards.  Thanks.
Ericjoel says:
OK.   Got it.  You have to check the box, not just highlight the folder!!