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When I'm going through the cards and I get something wrong, it flashes the correct answer but it goes away so quickly that I can't really learn the correct answer!  How do I adjust that time before moving on to the next card?  I'd be willing to hit a "Continue" button at that point, but right now it is way too fast in my Google Chrome browser on my Windows 10 laptop. It's such a big problem for me that it would keep me from buying a membership, which I'm definitely considering at the lifetime level.

Please help me fix this problem.

This is a great app.  I am using the Duolingo app to start learning Chinese, but this is necessary to use with it because you can't really drill with it (It sort of lets you cheat) and it has no dictionary.    If you could get the same voice artist to do the pronunciations here, your program would be amazing, and I'd have no need to use Duolingo.  Your current voice person is unclear or weird at times.

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