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Asked 138 months ago by stevenmao  
good morning

i am a subscription until 25th of april i used 81 list of 100

i want to renew it

do i have to renew for 100 list or unlimited list

or my list is for lifetim ... [Read more]
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Asked 139 months ago by stevenmao  
on my trainchinese account it is written 78 of 100

lists are for ever does that mean even with no subscriptions i can continue training

how will i have to pay in april if i only want re ... [Read more]
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Asked 145 months ago by stevenmao  
Good morning

in your training list you have HKS A,B,C,D

now it is from 1 to 8

what is level 6 ?

I get the full list may I send to you to imput it ?

tks [Read more]
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