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Questions from fer10
Sometimes is translated as Excuse me may I ask...? [Read more]
Asked 63 months ago by fer10  
Hi,Could you help on which is the difference between these phrases?. 他不会再抽烟了 vs 他不再抽烟了. 我不 ... [Read more]
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Asked 70 months ago by fer10  
Hi trainchineseWhen going to the web home in my user it appears a bar with 3 colors red yellow green (not trainned, active, learned)What does the numbers mean? I can not correlate them with the 6 mont ... [Read more]
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Asked 105 months ago by fer10  
What does the number in the message "Not bad! you made progress with 84 cards within 7 days!" mean?It goes up when I include new cards, learn cards or review cards.
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