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Asked 117 months ago by EBOLO  valid Edit
I setup a restricted profile user account in the tablet for my son to use this app.
Under this user account, unable to update cards. But it can update cards if I do it under the owner (administrator) account.

Error message:
" File error The update couldn't be completed - please check your remaining disk space. "
I chose to install "on the phone itself" option during the installation. 

Additional information:
I did try to uninstall the app in both accounts and then only input the account details in the restricted profile user account, but still unable to update cards. After I switch back to owner account, I again can update cards in owner account.

Below the system using:-
Google Nexus 7 (2012) tablet
Android version: 4.3
Trainchinese dictionary version: 4.3

How can I let my child to add and use the flashcard in his restricted profile user account?

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I beleive the reson mentioned as an error (Not enough space) is the problem. When istalling the app you crtainly can use the SD card for storing the dictionary data. 
It looks as if the restricted profile limits the amount of memory available to use, so please check out with using the SD card and let us know.

Answered 117 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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Nexus 7 does not support external SD card. There is 3GB available internal storage space out off 6GB total space. 3GB should be enough for update flashcard right?
Answered 112 months ago by EBOLO valid Edit
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