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It would be great if one would have a way to train all cards, irrespective of the status (like audio trainer does)

I know I can check the cards online and put them in review mode, or just check them one by one and 'unlearn' them, but it would be very convenient to simply have a selection in the box that pops up after doing a 'train' run that allows me to simply train all cards in this list, even if it's learned (I would just decide at that point if I 'unlearn' it, or even better, simply 'x' it and it becomes unlearned automatically, much faster way to bring back 'foggy/forgotten' cards ...

Makes sense ?
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Understand the idea, and we know form our users that there is always the question \"How well do I know my memorized cards?\" - and as you correctly stated we have several ways to handle that. Unfortunately the suggestion you have would really create problems:

1) by doing that we would \"inflate\" the options users have to train (There would be two more options that would be in addition to Train honest, train multiple-choice. Our users already complain that our app has too many options ...

2) in addition of above mentioned user interface issue, another problem is how to handle cards that are memorized if they are trained without leaving the status of being memorized. As per definition memorized cards can not change status to sleep, or being shown again....

We have tried to accommodate the need to re-train or to check the memorized cards in the way you mention:
- allowing to \"review\" them and
- having the possibility to \"unlearn\" them.
In addition to those two possibilities which start at cards that are already memorized, we included about half year ago the flexible training, where the user controls how long a card should sleep, and also if a card should be considered memorized or not at the end of the learning cycles. Obviosuly that last feature can only be used for cards that are/were not yet in status memorized.

I am not sure if there is another additional way to address the problem (i.e. allowing to check memorized words). We think that the \"review\" feature is quite powerful and by ranking the words that could be reasonable to review we could help with the selection of what to review.
Answered 115 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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thanks, yeah, I get that adding a new feature would probably make it too complex for some

but to clarify, I would be happy to use the review/unlearn approach if it wouldn't be so cumbersome in the App ! I'm spending 99% on my Android App and only 1% via web, so I have to do all this on a 
'per card' basis, so unlearning 100s of cards is quite tedious

if you would allow the review/unlearn/delete from the list view instead the individual card view, that would
be awesome, but I guess that feeds back into your argument that the interface gets too crowded ?
Answered 115 months ago by mairyu valid Edit
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klaus lautet:
To add the "review" possibility to our apps is basically possible, but will certainly take some time to implement as it requires a careful information exchange between devices (as a user could have several devices using them at the same time).
Currently we have no plan for that, but we will add it to the future features.