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I'm using the "starting mode" of "translation" and testing with multiple choice. Doing this on the flashcards within the ap. I love it!! However, the ap randomly switches to another mode it seems. It will go from presenting the word in English and requiring me to pick one of the 4 choices in pinyin (the desired mode) into something else. Like speaking the word in Chinese and then requiring me to pick the Chinese character. This is very frustrating. And it seems on the website (not using the ap) I don't even have the ability to specify the mode or specify that I want multiple choice.
The selection of the "Starting mode" just indicates the first time the word is presented to test - after that test it will randomly choose form the training modes available for that specific word.

You can select the training modes for each word. But also could change the training modes for all words.
For changing the training modes for one word, you can use the "Details" screen. For changing the training modes for all words go to "Settings" and there switch on those modes you want to learn and switch off the rest.
Then you can apply this change to all cards (which will override any previous settings) .

If you just want to train cards in one mode, you could select that mode - and later on add another mode to the cards. Then cards will be shown only in the selected modes.
Answered 93 months ago by klaus