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Using multiple choice testing and twice tonight halfway through a list the font size has increased and only the correct answer is displayed, not 4 choices. (I think the previous question only displayed 3 choices).  A reboot was required to reset it back to showing more than one possible answer for each question.
First time I have seen this. A bug? TrainChinese App on a Xiaomi Android.
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Looks like a bug, but could be related to a low level of available memory on the phone. Can you please check that?
Answered 64 months ago by klaus
Been using only my phone for a while so just replying now. Probably be memory as usually happens after training many cards, probably  200 or more repititions. A phone reboot solves it so no big problem.
BTW -  love the new feature which shows untrained cards in the lists.
Answered 64 months ago by steerpike