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Asked 101 months ago by mairyu  
I requested this last year and after finally getting an update this year, I'm missing this feature.

Right now the app only shows 50 results in the 'search', in most cases that is sufficient, but for very frequent (super) words, that just scratches the surface, especially for sentences it would help a lot if I could get more than 50 results.

should be easy to make this an options (e.g. default 50, but can be changed to other numbers)
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Sorry we missed that on Android, added long results for iOS though ! 

If you are on-line you could use our new website which has been optimized and re-done completely (it is still in beta - but we do not have any known issues).  There you would be able to obtain many results
to access it use

Really sorry we missed that number of results! will do with the next update.
Answered 101 months ago by klaus

In addition it would be nice if the result always returns first all words that matches and that I have learned or am still learning…

Many times when I chat with my friends, I am looking for I word that I learned, and don't find it, because many other words are returned instead…

Finally it would be great if one could search in the comments too… I often have specific comments in my mother language

Answered 101 months ago by ribenguniang
klaus says:
The search results show a visible icon just on the left of the word which indicates if that word is included in any of your private vocab lists. If you scroll down you definitely will not miss that icon!

Regarding searches in the notes (comments) you have done for the individual vocab list entries, Such a search is currently not possible. The reason is that the whole dictionary search is optimized. In fact everything regarding the dictionary search is fixed within the app itself at the time it is created and it works the same way on all apps - any additions or changes to the dictionary are provided with updates of the app!

Hi Klaus,

Yes of course I know that icon, but if the list is limited to 50 entries, it does not always include what I've learned, I some (rare, I agree) occasions. Nice would be if all entries that match the search pattern and that I've learned would come first in the result list.

Answered 101 months ago by ribenguniang
ribenguniang says:

By the way, congratulations for the new design of the website.

Looks lighter, friendlier. Good job!