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Asked 87 months ago by Susanne on tour  


I am new with the Trainer.

But I can not find the following setting for the Training
the Trainer shoud show pinyin and I have to translate it.

Do you know where I can Chance the Setting?



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The trainer is designed for hearing and then being able to recognize the correct tones.

If you like to test showing (or even hearing audio) please use the trainchinese Dictionary and flashcards app. The trainchinese flashcards offer the following training modes:

- Hear Pinyin * as a audio or see pinyin and you need to get the translation
- see translation and you need to get the correct Chinese
- Hear Pinyin and you need to write the correct characters
- See the Chinese characters and be able to read them.

You can then decide yourself which training modes you would like to study, additionally you are fee to select which words you wnat to study.
Answered 87 months ago by klaus