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Asked 104 months ago by mairyu  valid Edit
When I go into a list (100 long) and check for cards that I want to unlearn, it's very annoying that after clicking on the card and unlearn it, it jumps back to the top and I have to start scrolling all over.

Can you:

* remember where the scroll position was in the list and return to that when I'm done with the unlearn ?
* could you add the 'unlearn' to the short cut i.e. when I scroll through a list and 'long click', the 'Flashcard' menu pops up, can you also add the 'unlearn' to it so I don't have to actually click on it and leave the list

P.S> you confirmed that the former is easy to implement last year, but it didn't make it into any of the releases I guess

2.P.S> None of the tags below match to most of my questions (i.e. app improvements or bugs)
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On Android we have implemented that functionality, and the newest versions of the app should always return to the position in the list they were.

Could it be that you are referring to the website? In that case I was probably wrong regarding the possibility to implement such a  function :(
Answered 104 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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no, I'm referring to the Android app

You did implement it for some situation, but not for the following:

if you click on 'Training', then click on a  large 'list', and scroll down.

then long-click on a card so that the 'Flash Card/List' menu pops up. If you cancel or assign it to a different list, (in my case I want to assign it to 2 lists so I want to continue going throught he rest of the list), it snaps
back to the beginning of the list :-(
Answered 102 months ago by mairyu blocked Edit
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