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This ties into my > 1 year long quest to get more than 50 cards per search list.

You have such a powerful set of example sentences, but it's so hard to dip into them

normally, when I learn a new word, I check it via 'Search All' and get 50 cards. It always starts with the word combos and evolves into long sentences. So for the more popular powerful words, where there are 100s and 100s of example sentences, I only end up with a handful and then it's cut off

I really want to take advantage of the rich sentence base, so how can I do that ?

btw, some of the examples are surprisingly exotic and complex, not that I complain, but since most users are probably not at that level, can you add more beginner/intermediate example sentences ?
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Typically each word has a set of example sentences associated to it. Those example sentences are (or at least should) have a difficulty level that matches the word itself. So i would recommend to open the details section of the word and then sue the example sentences displayed there.

If you want to look at or even use all the examples for certain set of your words. Open the corresponding list using the website, then check the words form which you like to see the examples and then choose the .. more button and the "Get examples of selected" which is included in the additional buttons

Be careful to use all the results of a search directly as examples as there may be cases where for the same sequence of Chinese characters there are sentences or structures with different use.

One important suggestion: With our new website we have a parsing function included that allows to parse trough longer texts (or sentences). You just would need to include them into the search area and then you will get the components one by one with the corresponding translations.
Answered 102 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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sorry if I haven't been clear enough, I know how to get the examples, I'm just saying why cap them at 50 i.e. I want to see many more than just the 50 !

why not just make this a configurable option or add an 'show more' button at the end of the list ? should be trivial, but very rewarding

not sure how the parsing on the website would help me, bottom line, I want to see all sentences that e.g. have the work 'teacher' in it etc. etc.

right now I get at most 50
Answered 102 months ago by mairyu valid Edit
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