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how can I add my own senteces or phrases more than 10 charactes in flash cards?

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I think the ability for users to customize flash cards with own phrases and sentences is very useful, even if without audio. I'm using this app to train my 8yo in his chinese spelling and the school has phrases and sentences which are often not found in your dictionary. Breaking up the phrases and sentences can be done but it would aid their learning better to be able to see the entire phrase or sentence rather than getting a young kid to piece them together.

Other than this lacking feature, I'm happy that I've paid for the unlimited use as it has served its purpose well so far.

How soon can you update the content if we were to feedback by email?

Would you consider including the feature to add own phrases and sentences in flash cards?

Answered 50 months ago by woolfy
klaus says:
Please use the Website where you can use the "Import vocab"  functionality. This is teh fastest way to add your own vocab and typically it will be included directly into your lists within 1 working day (at laset if you are using English language, in Spanish or Russian it might be slightly longer).

Using that import function is better than sending us emails!

BTW, myself I am also finding the function very useful for my 6 year old daughter  and am using that function too to include the words and sentences form school ;)
It is not possible to add sentences with more than 10 characters. We suggest to split the sentence into meaningful parts.
Should you have a very specific reason for a single sentence that is larger and you think that it would be useful for other user too, then please let us know using the feed back function.
Answered 51 months ago by klaus