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Good day

I have been trying to download Trainchinese on my PC (Windows 7), but the format of the archive cannot be open in the PC

In the past, I did have a successful download on the iPad

How can I solve it?

I am also interested in the rest of the Trainchinese applications (Reade, Pinyin, etc)

Thank you Maria

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Hi Maria

The following trainchinese apps are currently available on Android and also on iOS:
- Chinese Dictionary and Flashcards (Full blown dictionary with many functions to help you to learn Chinese)
- Pinyin Trainer (To practice the Chinese Tones)
- Number Trainer (Let you hear and read Chinese numbers)
- Chinese Writer (Practice to write individual characters)
- Audio Trainer (Hear Chinese + English /Spanish or Russian) for all words in a vocab list of your choice.

The Dictionary and Flashcards app is currently available only in English language, and even if we tested it in several environments it may be that using it under non English Windows versions it may not work properly. We will continue work on that so that it can be used in such environments too, but that might take some time still. Sorry for that!
Answered 86 months ago by klaus


Answered 55 months ago by 也门