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Why does your website take such a long time to send the reset password link and why does it only last 2 hours?  I check my e-mail right after I sent the request and it's not there and by the time I check my e-mail again, the link has expired.  Please fix this or I will go to a better organized website to learn Chinese.

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The reset password email is send automatically exactly at the same time as the announcement of the successful sending is announced on your browser. There are absolutely no delays in sending it out.
Can you please check if you are redirecting your email from one mailbox to another? We know that there can be a delay (of several minutes) if there are forwarding of emails involved. Delays may also occur if the great firewall is involved.

Regarding the validity period of the reset password email - that is in the interest of you as a user. Anyone who uses that email before you, cloud modify the password and also the corresponding email for your account, something everyone would like to avoid. We think 2 hours of validity should be sufficient.
Answered 20 months ago by klaus
kenshiro88 says:

Thank you for your response and sorry if I asked my question in a rude way.  I do in fact live in China right now and I use a Chinese e-mail, the firewall might explain why I see the e-mail in my inbox many hours after I sent the request.  I do in fact like the app, that's why I am trying to get a new password.  I will keep trying and hopefully I will see the e-mail before it expires.  By the way, I am not having my mail redirected from another account.  What you said about the 2 hour limit does make sense, but it's not helping me with my unique problem.  All the best.

klaus says:
We did send you an email by separate mail. It will help you to solve the problem.