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Asked 85 months ago by PinguType  

on the website the dictionary entries for characters have a WONDERFUL section called Character Breakdown which shows the 偏旁 which make up of each character, and give the meaning of each of them - this is very useful for the 偏旁 which contribute to the character's meaning. However:

1) many 偏旁 do not contribute meaning to the character, but they do contribute pronunciation; for these, it would be helpful to show the sound they contribute, rather than a meaning which they do not.

2) if I click on a 偏旁 in the Character Breakdown section, I would like it to open its definition; if I want to do this now, I have to figure out some other way of inputting it as an individual character and using Search to find it, which is not easy as I often don't know what the pinyin is for it.

3) currently, I can only access this content using the website; it would be GREAT if I could access it using the iphone app.

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Thank you for your comment! The character decomposition feature is new and was added about 2 weeks ago.

1) You will see a small (i) button next to the character and also next to the part. In the case we have a definition for the part you can tap on the (i) and will see the meaning of that. The idea of adding the possibility of hearing the sound for that (or seeing possible Pinyin) is good. We will see if we can add that information within the (i) for the cases where it is currently available.

2) The reason we preferred to include the translation here is that this would be provided faster than a search for that component. But this also we can add this possibility inside the (i) popup, so that searches and more information are just an additional click away,

3) It is planned to include this information also into the apps.
Answered 85 months ago by klaus
PinguType says:

Thank you for your answer, and thank you for adding the new feature - I didn't realise it was new, but I don't often use the website.

klaus says:
The desired functions (1) and (2) have been added to the website. So now you can open the pop-up with the details for the part of the character. Then the translation now includes the Pinyin/Zhuyin and you can click on it to automatically open the corresponding word.
Additionally there is a possibility to use the button to hear the audio.

BTW. Would be great if you can tell your co-students about this new feature, think its is quite unique.
klaus says:
Ah, one further thing, the website is accessible also form the phone (iPhone, tablet etc.) and should show up under consideration of the available screen size.

The only restriction is that on the iPhone the button to play the audio in the pop up will not be working. But of course it is possible to open the corresponding detail screen of that component and then play the audio there.

To have this feature in the apps (Android user) would be definitely great, looking forward to that.

Answered 78 months ago by Richard Pohl
klaus says:
Working on it ...

Amazing with those popups,truly great tool for character learning.

Answered 75 months ago by Richard Pohl