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Asked 130 months ago by xio xi  
i find it very difficult to pronce the word using pinyin.... is there no type of voice montior thingy that says the word and i repeat it? im trying ver hard to learn how to prounonce the words... im in grade 2 of chinese school here in bloemfontein.... i am 13 years old and find it fascinating to learn chinese.... i can read it silently.. but not outloud... help anyone? :)
It really is not easy with the tones!

If you have a iPhone or an Android Phone you can check for the trainchinese Pinyin Trainer - that will help you to distinguish the tones better. The application is free to use for a certain amount of times per day. You can give it a try and let us know if it is helpul for you!

Wish you can continue working on your Chinese, a difficult but very interesting language! If possible also try to learn to write it - that will help in the long term!
Answered 130 months ago by klaus