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Hi, on the new Android application, when I want to delete one of my own lists, the app warns me that the learning progress for these cards "may" be deleted if they're not also in other lists. When does this "may" happen? Can I savely delete the list for example when all words in it have been learned completely or do I risk having their status be removed and eventually they will come up again (when filling one of my lists eg) later as a new card?

I don't want to clutter the display with lists that contain only learned cards and have no use for me anymore.

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If all cards in a given list are learned and you delete the list, then this will have no implications on the learning of other cards (as the cards were learned, the corresponding progress is not relevant at this point).  The cards would be deleted completely and also will disappear form your statistics pages.
Be aware that if there are cards that are still being learned in the list you want to delete, then that cards will also eb deleted (unless they happen to eb in another list).
Answered 96 months ago by klaus
it does not have an effect on the learning of other cards but on those cards which were in the deleted lists.

\'will also disappear from your statistics pages\': this means that: 

1. this is a new functionality (until now from my learned cards only a few are in any of my lists, this could not have been possible had this behaviour been in practice before)

2. if they do get deleted than they can come back in by accident as unlearned cards if I eg. autofill my list for learning? So to have my statistics up to date (I\'d like to know how many cards I\'ve learnt in total) and be sure that I don\'t get old cards back presented as new, you\'re saying I should keep the lists, am I standing you correctly?
Answered 96 months ago by heiks
heiks says:
'understanding you correctly?'
klaus says:
sorry should say: understanding
to re-phrase my question: currently I have over 300 cards in sleeping status, all of which are not in any of my lists. The training status is saved by you nevertheless. 
So how may it be possible that the training status of cards from my lists gets deleted once I remove them from those lists (and they join my other not-in-any-list cards)?
Answered 95 months ago by heiks
All the cards which are in no lists (Non-listed words) were created at a time where the system was not able to handle lists in the way it does today.  There is no possibility  to add more cards to the Non-listed words, but as users have cards that are not listed, we need to keep them.

So for practical purposes you can consider that the "Non-listed words" is also a list, with some particularities:
- There can not be additions of any words to the "Non-Listed-words".
- Whenever you add a card from "Non-listed words" to a list it will automatically be removed from "Non-listed words".

Cards in the Non-listed words have the same functions and can sleep and be completely learned as all other cards. We encourage our users to put cards which are not listed into lists (we even provide some lists free of charge for this purpose).

One additional remark:
With the introduction of the lists, we also introduced folders. So if you have lists which you do not use on daily basis then you can create as many folders and sub-folders as you like to organize such lists.
Answered 95 months ago by klaus