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Asked 127 months ago by nomis  

Is the "time spent training with all cards" report in the statistics report meant to show only when you select "Train All Cards"?  I'm not sure, because I very rarely select this, yet there are lots of days indicated with training durations.  However these training have no relation to how I actually train - I spend approx 45 minutes in each of my morning and afternoon commute training, so would expect to see the times reported in the 80-90 minute range rather than the 1-2 minute range.

Am I just misunderstanding the reporting?

(sorry about the font - seems really big and bold but I'm not sure how to change it!)

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We are looking int this - will let you know.
Answered 127 months ago by klaus
klaus says:
Thank you for noticing this, there was an error when calculating the values to be displayed. We now have corrected that.
nomis says:

Thanks Klaus.  I've been on vacation for a few weeks and haven't trained.  I'll keep an eye on the time stats for the next weeks and let you know if I see anymore discrepancies.