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Asked 140 months ago by steerpike  
Looking at my Android app. I have 254 cards to train,.Going through my lists and looking for cards not sleeping I  could not find near that number. The site tells me I have 93 to train and have made progress with 372 cards within 7 days.

I have had to un and reinstall my Android app this week as it crashed after only a few cards trained, It is stable now. Nothing I cannot work around but until I checked I was dreading working through those 250 + cards.
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As far as I can see the account shows quite a number of waked up cards and also a number of new cards. as you have many lists I did not count then all but it seems that the number of 254 is correct (between those waked up and those that newer slept). The only issue is that on the statistics page the waked up cards are shown within the partially learned ones (as they are partially learned), so that may be the reason for the assumed difference.
We will take action for this and add information on the current cards on how many of them are waked up.

If you only are using the website and the android phone, then after one Update Cards all the training progress - as well as the number of cards - is synchronized and can be no differences (as everything is based on the same database).

The situation is different if you are using several apps - here it is best to Update cards each before and after training with any device. If you are not sure about the status best is to Update cards each of the devices once to make sure the database is synchronized well, then a second time to assure that the devices have the same status.
Answered 140 months ago by klaus